Top 10 Theme Parks Of Brazil

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Beto Carrero World

Beto Carrero Park is located at Rua Inácio Francisco de Souza, 1597, Praia de Armação, Penha,Brazil. This theme park is the largest and best park in Brazil. This is one of the most famous parks for the tourist and every year most of the tourists visit this park.Beto Carrero Park is separated into nine different big areas. At this marvelous park, there are so many things which attract the tourists like excellent rides, many shows, roller coasters, water rides and so many other rides which tourist will enjoy a lot. The park includes of different themes like Cowboys in the Old West, Pirates of Island and Madagascar theme. This is tourist’s choice in which theme everyone wants to enjoy.The timings of this park are from 9 am to 6pm.

Beach Park

Beach Park is located in Rua Porto das Dunas, 2734, Porto das Dunas, Aquiraz ,Brazil.

This Park is known as to be the sooper third water park in the world. The brilliant theme of this park is ofcourse beach and tourists can enjoy here in full swing whether you are a baby,adult or an oldman. There are too many amazing and best water rides like, Isano, Kalafrio, Aqua Circus, Aquashow, Maremoto.This Beach Park needed from tourist a genuine passport or an ID card is required to come or travel at this Beach Park.

Thermas dos Laranjais

This park is located in Av. do Folclore, 1543 – Jardim Santa Efigênia, Olímpia, Brazil

Themas dos Laranjais park is one of the most beautifull and popular park in Brazil.It is basically the water theme park. There are many superb attractions at this water park. There are many variety of rides like, water rides, thermal spring pool, saunas, and wave pools. You might also see at the local wildlife. You people will enjoy in this park of Brazil.

Eco Parque Arraial d’Ajuda

Eco Parque Arraial d’ Ajuda is located in Estrada da Balsa, Km 4, 5 – Arraial d´Ajuda, Porto Seguro, Brazil.

This is really a family park and tourist must visit it with their families as there are many rides at this park for kids and adults. After having brilliant fun with different  rides and water slides, feeling enjoying in the pool, you absolutely have tasty and delicious food in the hotel here. As you all know that this park is located in the seashore, the landscapes and the surroundings of this beautiful park are amazing and marvelous.

Parque Aquatico Cascaneia

Parque Aquatico Cascaneia is located in Rua José Patrocínio Santos, 2355, Belchior Central, Gaspar,Brazi.This park has full of excellent water themes. If any tourist wants to enjoy his/her vacation in Brazil, so he must visit this park. He will enjoy very much with his friends and family. It has swimming pool at this park which is very neat and clean. The rides in this park are also much surprising.After full of enjoying you can sit back, relax and have some many delicious foods there in hotel or restaurants.

Hot Park

Hot Park is located in Esplanade, Rio Quente.State of Goiás, Brazil.This beautiful and super amazing park is the big part of the resorts which named Rio Quente Resort which is mostly open to the public. If tourists wants to stay in their resorts so they don’t have to pay for the park fees but if tourist are not willing to stay in their resort, so they would have to pay for the entry fees in the park. The fee is very less for entering in the park.

Parque Terra Magica Florybal

Parque Terra Magica Florybal is located in Rodovia RS-466, 1630, Jardim dos Pinheiros II, Canela, Brazil. This beautiful park has many types of super themes like dinosaurs. It has also a 7D theatre and much many other places and areas to explore by tourists. You might also enjoy mouthwatering and delicious food at hotel and restaurants after having much fun at the park. It has also outdoor activities with many different characters.

Hopi Hari Park

Hopi Hari Park is a very shiny and popular park and all the tourists who come here for visit,they love to see and visit this park. You might enjoy all kinds of rides here whether it is easy or difficult. You can also enjoy tasty and delicious food that is always available in this park. You can’t bore after visiting this park.The different kinds of themes of this park are Mitieri, Wild West, Infantasia, Kaminda Mundi, and Aribabbiba. Infantasia,that is not only for kids but also for adults.

Alpen Recreation Park

Alpen Recreation Park is located in Rodovia Arnaldo Oppitz, 901, Eugênio Ferreira, Canela,Brazil. This park is one of the fantastic themed parks to be visited in Brazil. The park entry is absolutely free of cost. But here are different kinds of attractions like swingings etc.  So you have to pay fees for this to enjoy a lot. The best and super doper excellent attractions of this park are tree climbing and Rappell.

Mirabilandia Recreation Park

Mirabilandia Recreation Park is located in,Av. Prof. Andrade Bezerra, 1285,Salgadinho, Olinda ,Brazil. This brilliant park has so many attractions that are really suitable for kids as well as for the adults too. You must visit this Brazil theme park with your loving family. The beauty and attractions of this park is Tornado roller coaster, and Universal Park. You guys will enjoy with heart at this amazing park.

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Top 10 Theme Parks Of Brazil
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Top 10 Theme Parks Of Brazil
Beto Carrero Park is located at Rua Inácio Francisco de Souza, 1597, Praia de Armação, Penha,Brazil. This theme park is the largest and best park in Brazil.
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