Things to do in Emilia Romagna: 4 Must Visit Places and Experiences

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Not only do you travel to Italy, but you are also consumed by Italy; the words came out of my mouth as I tried to explain why it was one of my favorite countries. People, passion, food (oh boy, food), views, attitude; Here is something in the lifestyle that transports you and in this region, everything is combined. Emilia-Romagna offers a fantastic mix of culinary, architectural and artistic delights.

I spent a week exploring this new region in my area, and from coastal villages to olive groves, I still don’t feel like I really scratched the surface, so I gladly booked a second visit for a few months later. Take a car, catch friends and travel by car in this region of northern Italy. Or, for now, watch the video before reading all my must-see tours in Emilia-Romagna below.

When it comes to exploring Italy, I think travelling on the roads are the winners. Although you can make day trips from Bologna by public transport quite easily, to discover some of the true hidden gems of Europe and the small towns of this Italian region, four-wheel vehicles (or departures with a Vespa) are winners.

These are some of my best things to do in Emilia-Romagna and all are possible day trips from Bologna.

When we think of the cinema of Italy; you know them, hair in convertible cars, green hills of vineyards, castles overlooking small cities with red roofs, you are thinking mainly of Brisighella.

It was too nice to believe that this city was my first day trip to Emilia-Romagna and it was still my favourite. The picturesque streets with small cafes and ice cream parlours are located under the three hills of the city; A clock tower, a castle and a church. You can do an informal walk between the three and visit them before trying all the ice cream below. We saw a small group of tourists there, but other than that, on a perfectly sunny day in June, there were no more tourists.

Don’t forget to visit the surroundings, including the old quarry caves that now offer underground concerts, the excavation sites of the old castle with breathtaking panoramic views and head to the mountains to enjoy delicious fresh produce. and pure air for the visitor of the Parco Carnè centre.


Cesenatico is one of those places where I just showed a map and I didn’t go there without much research (this is one of my best life skills). I wanted to visit the charming channels of Comacchio, promoted as a “Venice without people”, but the weather was not on my side.

Fortunately, Cesenatico was an ideal day trip from Bologna. Of course, there is a beach in the Adriatic, but I always recommend Albania or the Algarve for a beach vacation in Europe because I find that Italian beaches are full of hammocks.

The city itself was adorable, with colourful houses bordering the few canals, a maritime museum with boats on the canal and many small restaurants where the Italian lifestyle is mature.


It took me some visits to Emilia-Romagna before finally arriving in Comacchio, but it was definitely worth the wait! Comacchio is not the most accessible place in Emilia Romagna, because it has no train station, but if you rent a car or come by bus, it is worth a detour!

Often known as “Little Venice” due to its proximity to the Venetian border, its canals and it’s few tourists, it is an ideal base for exploring local nature and enjoying picturesque canals.

A relatively small city, the main city is everything you expect: canals that reflect colourful buildings, streets lined with excellent restaurants and bars, and the joy of not being crowded with tourists. It is worth renting a bicycle to explore the area and the Po Delta after enjoying a few days of cold weather and trying the local speciality of fish, eel and clams.

Delta del Po Natural Park

The Delta del Po Natural Park is located in Emilia Romagna and Veneto, and I stayed at the Spiaggia Romea Club Village, on the side of Emilia-Romagna. This large spa, with swimming pools, water sports, horse riding and accommodation, is located in a beautiful area preserved by the current owners. Initially reserved for real estate development, the land was fully supplied and the complex only occupies a fraction of the area, leaving the rest of the area to nature and flora and fauna to flourish, an electric golf cart can take you to a “mini safari”. This part of the park.

But the real magic lies in the lagoons and salt flats of the park on the outskirts of the city of Comacchio. Whether you choose to pedal, take a boat or both, the lake flamingos offer an even more special view. Although it is a place of migration, the flamingos have now established their home in this city.

In the Po del Delta National Park, you can also visit the Sacca di Goro, on the border of the region, to observe the traditional clam fishing with the “breed” (although this is a detour, not ideal if you run out of time) or relax in one of the spa and wellness facilities.

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Things to do in Emilia Romagna
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Things to do in Emilia Romagna
The top things - attractions and places of interest - to do in Emilia Romagna: discover some of the many cultural destinations of our Region. Emilia Romagna is a beautiful region in northern Italy. Here are my suggestions for things that every visitor must do in Emilia.
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