The Scariest Places In Brazil

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Joelma building

Joelma building locating in Bela Vista,Sao Paulao.This is one of the most first haunted places to visit in Brazil. In 1975, almost there were 486 people died in the fire which was covered in 25th story building within almost 20 minutes cause of electric problem. After the incident, it was again built and was being renamed as Praca Da Bandeira. People who live here have reportedly claimed seeing horror ghosts roaming all around the area and rooms. This is also said that the 13 souls, who were trapped in the incident during the fire, still create problems in the place. This is place is too much haunted after that biggest tragedy.

The Petropolis Museum

This place is located in Rua da Imperatriz, 220 – Centro, Petrópolis in Brazil. This is known as the Imperial Museum of Brazil, this Petropolis Museum was being constructed in the 19th century and it is one of the top most haunted places in Brazil. This was built in the palace of Emperor Dom Pedros II, whose ghost was trapped in the museum and now being haunts the museum. Mostly people have even witnessed his as a ghost, which roaming around the place in the dark of the night. This is one of the most haunted places in Brazil and people who visiting for this place are really being strong and courageous hearted.

The Dream Beach

This beach is located in Sao Paulo, Itanhaem and it is best for your hunt for scariest places in Brazil. It is almost said that two ghosts who badly died on the beach, still roaming all around the place and areas. People who live there, have seen two decomposed shadows which appear and disappear into the air. The team of the beach also told that they have heard disembodied loud voices and noises in the night, which comes from the beach, when no one is there. This is really a scariest place of Brazil.

The Brasilia City Hall

This place is Located in Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil, the City Hall people have been witnessed cracking of cabinets, windows and doors shut and close by itself, automatically when the place is isolated. This is said that this Brasilia City Hall was being a mortuary and the largest numbers of dead bodies were being stored there before doing buried. Furthermore, this is also turned down in burning flames, before being rebuilt. Once, there was a man who was being locked down by self, automatically in one of the room when there was no one in the place. This is all seems so much scary that if anyone alone in the place and door shut and close, and no one was there.

Road to PetroPolis from Rio De Jeneiro

In this haunted place, the drivers who pass from this road to Petropolis from Rio de Janeiro have all the time seen a blonde brown-haired woman which wave her hands up in the air and keep standing at the very corner of the road. When people asked about the problem, then she point out down at the broken car and the dead body lying down beside that. When the drivers go downside for helping and securing the person then they have realized that this is the body of the same lady who stopped them on the road and asked for help. In few seconds, the lady and the car have disappeared into the air and the drivers have been left with surprising and wonder condition. Whenever you drive through this road and this area so you must be high alert!!!It could be dangerous to your security too!!!

The Grand Hotel,Minas Gerais,Cambuquira

The next one and the most haunted place in Brazil is the Grand Hotel. This is located in Av. João de Brito Pimenta, Cambuquira, Brazil. This hotel has many haunting problems and experiences, People witnessed in room number 204, which is the scariest area of the Grand Hotel. The people in the hotel have been seen experienced a weird coldness and strange paranormal activities around the place which can be feel very clearly. The evidence have also includes some type of mysterious knocking, horror ghost sights, and big noises and voices taking place all the time.

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The Scariest Places In Brazil
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The Scariest Places In Brazil
Joelma building locating in Bela Vista,Sao Paulao.This is one of the most first haunted places to visit in Brazil.
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