Sony Announces New A9 II Camera has Faster Speed Sports that Photographers Need

Sony Announces New A9 II Camera has Faster Speed Sports that Photographers Need

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Most photographers loved the speed of Sony’s full-frame A9 II but were less fond of the handling and durability. Sony has updated the A9, one of the highest-end cameras it sells all the time. The new Sony Mark II model doesn’t change much, keeping the same quality of 24-megapixel full-frame sensor and fast blackout-free 20 fps continuous shooting speed, which positions it as suitable for challenging like sports and wedding event photography. With all the new changes, the Sony A9 II is very faster & tougher and easier to handle, making it more useful for professional photographers. And with a price of $4,500 (body only), that’s exactly who it’s aimed at. It will be available in the US sometime in November 2019.

Sony’s new A9 II mirrorless full-frame camera has the speed sports photographers need

At first glance, the Sony Alpha A9 II appears to be much like its predecessor, sharing the A9’s 24.9MP stacked CMOS sensor under the hood, the same 693 autofocus (AF) points that can cover 93% of the frame and the same 100-51,200 ISO range that’s expandable to 50-204,800 and On the video side, the A9 II can handle 4K result with a full sensor readout, much as the last model and the A7 III can. So, you can expect a very crisp high-class 4K video, but only with 8-bit, rather than 10-bit resolution. The S-Log2 and S-Log3 options from the camera A7R IV aren’t available on the Sony A9 II, either. Also, like the older shooter, the A9 II can capture up to 20fps during continuous shooting with no viewfinder blackout – important for those nail-biting, jaw-dropping sporting moments – and shares the same 60 AF and auto-exposure calculations per second computation speed.

Sony announces new ultra-fast A9 II camera for $4,500

It’s fair to say that the upgrades Sony Alpha A9 II has made are incremental, but those small changes are proven to be Insane. For a beginner, Sony says the new camera has a more sturdy and durable body as compared to other cameras, adopting the new button arrangement and deeper grip as compared to Alpha A7R IV.

That means there are double sliding covers over the battery door and memory card slots to keep out the worst of the weather, and the exposure compensation button on the top right corner of the camera’s shoulder now sports a locking button to prevent accidental changes. There is also a redesigned lens lock button on the Sony A9 II, along with better padding for more shock absorption around the lens mount.

Sony Alpha A9 vs A9 II: the key differences between Sony’s sports-oriented cameras

Another minor change that could go a long way is a low-vibration shutter design that can boost image sharpness, with the 5-axis in-body image stabilization (IBIS) upgraded to provide 5.5 stops of stability, so results from handheld image capture should definitely improve (although it’s not as though there was cause to complain with the Sony A9).

Unlike the original A9, the second-generation model comes with USB-C port (which can even be used to charge the camera while it’s in use) and dual UHS-II SD card slots. While the Sony A9 II uses the same battery as its forebear, Sony says it offers excellent battery life with about 50 plus additional shots as per CIPA testing. If you think that’s too meager an upgrade, there’s an optional new vertical grip for the A9 II that can house with two additional batteries.

Sony a9 II Announced – More Speed for Pro Photographers, Same Video Specs

Potentially the most significant improvement, though, is one aimed at professional photographers who have quick turnarounds for a large number of image files. The Sony A9 II now boasts a Gigabit Ethernet port that takes data transfer speeds from 100Mbps to 1Gbps. It also adds a 5GHz wireless functionality to the 2.4GHz option already available on the Sony A9, and tethered transfer via the USB-C port is an improvement over the older model of camera. The Sony A9 II can also be paired with Sony’s Imaging Edge mobile app to transfer stills and videos via Wi-Fi even when the camera is powered off.

The Sony A9 II has the same high-capacity Z-series battery as the last model, but it can capture 500 or 690 shots with and without the EVF, a slight improvement from before. In the real world of a camera, Sony told Engadget that photographers can often capture thousands of shots on a single battery charge. If even that’s not enough, the optional VG-C4EM vertical grip gives you two extra batteries. Thankfully, Sony now has two UHS-II high-speed card slots, rather than one UHS-II and a slower UHS-I slot as before.

The traditional mechanical camera shutter has doubled in speed in Sony A9 II is now capable of shooting at 10 fps, which will be useful for photographers who rely on flash synchronization or find themselves under flickering lights. A few other specs have brought the Sony A9 II in line with the higher-res A7R IV: 5.5-stop in-body stabilization, improved dust and water resistance, and the touchscreen interface should all now be the same across the two cameras. Sony also says the AF tracking has improved in the Sony A9 II, thanks to a new algorithm.

A9 II’s connectivity has received significant upgrades. The camera now has gigabit Ethernet along with a USB-C 3.2 port, and there’s also no support for 5GHz Wi-Fi alongside the previous 2.4GHz band. This is likely to make the A9 II a compelling option for pros who shoot tethered to a laptop.

The A9 II will ship in November for around $4,500 (body only). It’s available for preorder at B&H Photo, with a targeted ship date of November 5th.

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Sony Announces New Ultra-fast A9 II Camera | More Speed for Pro Photographers,  $4,500
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Sony Announces New Ultra-fast A9 II Camera | More Speed for Pro Photographers, $4,500
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