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Oman Times Now

The Sultanate of Oman is a country of breathtaking with so much natural beauties.As the oldest independent state in the Arab World, Oman has embraced modernization and progress.However retaining the core aspects of its culture and heritage.Making it the perfect travel destination for those who seeking an authentic Arabian experience.

The Sultanate has always played a major role in trade.Including the ancient Silk Road and Spice Routes.Where Oman served as a gateway for all ships. Traversing the Strait of Hormuz and the Arabian Sea.

Oman is within the southeastern quarter of the Arabian Peninsula. In step with official estimates, covers a complete acreage of roughly three hundred,000 sq. kilometers; foreign observer estimates, however, area unitconcerning 212,000 sq. kilometers. The acreage consists of variable geography features: valleys and desert account for eighty two % of the land mass; mountain ranges, fifteen percent; and also the ground, 3 percent.

The state is flanked by Gulf of Asian nation, the Arabian Sea.And also the Rub al  Khali (Empty Quarter) of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, all of that contributed to Oman’s isolation. Traditionally, the country’s contacts with the remainder of the planet were by ocean, that not solely provide access to foreign lands. However additionally connected the coastal cities of Asian nation.

Cyclone Gonu

Oman had Cyclone Gonu on Gregorian calendar month half-dozen. massive spaces within the capital area region within the Governorate of Muscat and in Amerat and Quriyat were severely affected. Gonu 1st hit the southern town of Sur late on Gregorian calendar month five, 2007.Interestingly, Asian nation is one among the few countries having no National Red Crescent or NGO Society.

Muscat-Matrah coastal area
South of As Sib, the coast changes character.Thus, Ras al Hadd, it’s barren and finite by cliffs virtually its entire length; there’s no cultivation and tiny habitation. Though the trouble off this coast renders navigation comparatively straightforward.There area unit few natural harbors or safe anchorages. The 2 best area unit at Muscat and Matrah, wherever natural harbors expedited the expansion of cities centuries past.

Oman interior
West of the coastal areas lies the plateau of central Asian nation. The Al Hajar Mountains kind 2 ranges: the Al Hajar al Gharbi Mountains and also the Al Hajar ash Sharqi (Eastern Al Hajar) Mountains. they’re divided by the gully Samail (the largest gully within the mountain zone), a depression that forms the normal route between Muscat and also the interior.


Summer begins in period and lasts till Gregorian calendar month.The very best temperatures area unit register within the interior, wherever readings of over 50° C within the shade area unit common.  However, the gharbi (literally, western).A robust wind that blows from the Rub al Khali, will raise temperatures from the cities on the Gulf of Asian nation by 6° C to 10° C.Thus,Winter temperatures area unit gentle and pleasant, travel between 15° C and 23° C.

Border countries: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 676 kilometer, United Arab Emirates 410 kilometer, Republic of Yemen288 kilometer

Resources and land use
Natural resources: rock oil, copper, asbestos, some marble, limestone, chromium, gypsum, fossil fuel, thus

Environmental considerations
Natural hazards: Summer winds typically raise massive sandstorms. Dirt storms within the interior throughout periodic droughts. Following rain,Wadis will fill with rain water and Brobdingnagian tracts of land is with flood.

Environment – current issues: Soil salinity is rising. there’s beach pollution from oil spills. There area unit terribly restricted natural water resources.

Geographical note: Asian nation is in a very strategic location on Musandam earth.Adjacent to Strait of Hormuz, an important transit purpose for world fossil fuel.

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