How to Look 20 Years Younger in 30 Days

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These are the “4” Follow Steps to Follow to Look 20 Years Younger in 30 Days

Aging is a natural part of the lives of men and women, but that does not mean that it is always pleasant. If you are worried about losing your youthful appearance and behavior, you are not alone. Do not worry, there is help along the way. There are many things you can do to keep your image alive for years without destroying your bank account or performing your surgery, for example, taking care of your skin and changing your hairstyle.

Step 1. Making Your Face Look Younger

Step 2. Making Your Body Look Younger

Step 3. Taking Supplements

Step 4. Maintaining Healthy Habits

Step 1. Making Your Face Look Younger

a. Choose a gentle facial cleanser

Aging skin does not require aggressive products such as those commonly used by teens because there is usually no excess fat. If your cleanser is too powerful, it will strip your skin of its natural oils and therefore dry it up and age it faster. Look for those who are targeted on your age group or those who are described as mild or moisturizing. Women should moisten their face at all times before applying makeup.
It’s always important to clean your face as you get older, as it removes traces of chemicals from your environment or any makeup that can cause aging if left on your skin.

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b. Moisturize after cleansing

It is important to give your skin an increase in moisture so that it can heal itself. Dry skin ages faster if it is not hydrated. Look for anti-aging moisturizers with a high percentage of its active ingredient. If you have doubts about the purchase (there are hundreds in the market), try to check the reviews or try to find scientific research to support the product. Make sure the product you choose is rich and deeply moisturizing, unlike the ones you could have used during your youth.
And remember, hydration is not just for women, there are many similar products on the market for men.

c. Use sun protection daily

There are many moisturizers that already contain SPF protection, and that’s because it’s vital to protect your skin from harmful UV rays every day to avoid sun damage. As the sun is one of the main causes of premature aging, dermatologists recommend using at least SPF 15 per day to prevent wrinkles, brown spots and opaque complexion. In addition to that, it will protect you from skin cancer.

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d. Manage your facial hair

For men, it will make you look better and less dirty, which will make you look good with age, and for women, it will mask this side effect of aging. Here are some things to consider for each sex:
Men: keep your face shaved or clean, and always cut your hair from your nose and ears. You can buy nasal hair trimmers at the pharmacy in your area and its use is completely simple and painless. Letting this hair go wild adds age and also makes you look more tired. Be sure to choose these hairs too if you want to avoid looking like that old man.
Women: Facial hair can sometimes appear in women after menopause due to a change in hormonal levels. To get rid of it and mask its age a little better, there are several simple ways to protect it, including laser removal, waxing, depilatory / depilatory cream and threading.

e. Wear makeup that makes you look more youthful

There are dozens of makeup tips that can help women let their features stand out and hide the signs of aging. The trick is to hide these imperfections and highlight your best features, such as your eyes.

Step 2. Making Your Body Look Younger

a. Maintain healthy teeth

Good teeth can make you immediately younger and more attractive. Make sure you have a good dental routine, this should include brushing, flossing and rinsing your mouth. If your teeth are not white enough or if you have dental problems, consult your dentist. You could have a professional whitening or, if you had problems such as tooth decay, discordant teeth or stained teeth, you could get this care.

b. Update your hairstyle

Have you been “The Rachel” rocking for the last twenty years? If so, you’re late for a more modern haircut that can take full advantage of your face and juvenile features. Check out fancy magazines or even celebrity gossip magazines and see what hairstyles are popular these days. You do not have to opt for something ultra-modern if it’s not your taste, but cutting your hair that fits you better than the previous one can make you look younger by a decade. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a new haircut

c. Dress for your age and body shape

Wearing clothes that flatter your figure can make you slimmer and more modern instantly, without having to work too hard. This also applies to men, although the body shapes of men are less varied than those of women. You won’t look younger if you dress like someone half your age; In fact, it can make you look even older. Instead, focus on the right clothes for you

d. Wear bright colors

The bright colors will make you look younger, fun and vibrant. By using vibrant colors, you will feel younger and energetic. Get rid of all those black, gray and neutral clothes and spice up your wardrobe with red, orange, green and other festive colors. Although black and dark colors can lose weight, they also make you look a little older than you really are.

e. Accessorize correctly (for women)

Women should organize these sets of matching necklaces and earrings that give them a dignified, but slightly older, look for more modern jewelry. You will look much younger if you have cute and elegant earrings instead of wearing the earrings and necklace that you like so much. It is also said that women who wear colored rings look younger, as they add spices to their dress.

Step 3. Taking Supplements

a. Take 1000 – 2000 mg of Vitamin C

It is a water soluble vitamin that is an antioxidant. This means that it protects your cells against the damage caused by free radicals. Vitamin C is known to help the skin heal, to protect itself from the harmful UV rays of the sun and to support the rest of the body (not just the skin) in another way. Do not take more than 2000 mg daily, it may increase the risk of kidney stones.

b. Take 4000 IU of Vitamin D3 every day

This fat-soluble vitamin contributes to the strength of our bones, the prevention of cancer and autoimmunity and contributes to healthy skin aging. There are receptors for vitamin D throughout the body.

c. Take a high-quality B complex supplement

These vitamins have been shown to help repair the skin and possibly prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Step 4. Maintaining Healthy Habits

a. Maintain good posture

Nothing will make you look older than your grandmother. Having a good posture will make you look much younger; All you have to do is make a conscious effort to keep your spine straight, your shoulders up instead of bending over and your face facing forward rather than down, and you will instantly look ten years younger. Keeping the spine upright will also ensure that nerve cells in the spine pull more efficiently, giving you more energy and making you look younger throughout the day.

b. Get lots of sleep

You should not sleep 10 to 12 hours a night every night, just to try to look younger. It will not work. However, you should try to rest as often as possible. As you get older, your body will begin to show signs of increasing tiredness, especially around the eyes. As you get older, you may even discover that you need to sleep less than a decade ago, and that is also good. Try to adjust to the amount of magical sleep that usually suits you between 7 and 9 o’clock.

c. Get regular massages

Let us know what you need to know about what you are looking for, what you need to know about professional or administrative behavior, or about personal behavior, or about human behavior, but also about user behavior. Instructions on the secret of anabolic hormones, which are reduced in the long run.

d. Reduce stress as much as you can

It is a fact that a stressful lifestyle will make you feel tired and unhappy and will give you wrinkles. Try to reduce the number of your responsibilities and find new ways to meet the demands of life. Try to take at least an hour a day to relax and do something like relaxing in the bathroom with a good book or watching your favorite TV show. Although it is impossible to completely eliminate the stress of your life, even if you live in a tropical paradise and have found a bag full of money, you can take steps to reduce the stress you feel.

e. Don’t smoke

If you smoke, make a concerted effort to quit smoking as soon as possible (easier said than done, right?). This is one of the worst things you can do if you try to avoid looking old. It makes your lips thinner, your skin more dry and wrinkled, dull and your hair and discolored nails. On top of that, quitting smoking will make you much healthier and less likely to get seriously ill in the future.

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