Whatever It Takes: Are You Willing to Do Whatever It Takes?

How to be Motivated to do Whatever it Takes

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Everyone has it from time to time: the struggle to find the energy to do certain tasks when you prefer to stay in bed or literally do something other than your to-do list.

To overcome procrastination, you must prepare for success starting slowly and being constant. If you want to follow a new exercise routine or improve your culinary skills, these tips can help you regain your internal motivation.

Regular exercise

While it is difficult to start, finding ways to help when you need it can help you achieve your goals, be it training for a great event or starting well. .Just be sure to listen to your body: everyone needs rest days and occasional comfort food.

Make it a game To boost motivation, senior coach Shefali Raina suggests reframing the task in the context of a match and linking their actions to rewards or penalties.

For example, “If you want to feel motivated to exercise, you can participate in a game structure where, if you exercise three times a week, you can indulge in something you eat,” she explains. “But if you exercise less than three times, you may be giving up something that is important to you.” Just be sure to leave room for days off depending on the needs of your mind and body.

Make your goals easier to reach

Clinical psychologist Steve Levinson suggests simplifying as much as possible the specific tasks you should perform.

Call a goal friend” We all need someone who believes in us,” says Elisa Robyn, Ph.D., an educational psychologist. Having an objective friend makes you responsible for your goals, as they can encourage you to stay motivated.

Ask a friend with similar goals to team up with you to exercise or even encourage each other.

Study for school or exam Studies can be painful, especially if you are not particularly interested in the subject. Here are some techniques to make the process more fluid.

Make a list of things to do

When you start a large project or prepare for an exam, write everything you need to be on a to-do list. By dividing everything into manageable tasks, you will feel less overwhelmed and have a greater sense of accomplishment when you cut them.

Build small rewards in the process

It is important to include small rewards or celebrations in the process. “It can be hard to stay motivated, but setting small goals makes travelling a little easier,” says Robyn. Keep a record of your progress

To stay motivated, it is essential to recognize the progress made. If you have trouble completing a project, you can give yourself the energy to help you achieve your goals.

After each study session or each shift, consider how much progress you have made as a reminder for the next time you feel trapped. Plan regular breaks

Sometimes, finding the motivation to do a long study session involves taking short breaks to refresh your mind.

Cope with household chores

Having a clean and tidy space is nice. Getting to this point is another story.

Make a domestic playlist

Nothing like fun and catchy music to speed up the hours. Try to create a reading list that you can use to practice or dance to help you wash the dishes or do the laundry.

Create a routine

Organizing your time each day to do household chores can help you not feel overwhelmed. To create a routine, commit to doing a task at a given time each day. For example, have a habit of taking out the trash when you go to work in the morning or during business breaks.

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Whatever It Takes: Are You Willing to Do Whatever It Takes?
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Whatever It Takes: Are You Willing to Do Whatever It Takes?
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