Google Search Console Adds New Reports for Video Search Results

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New reports for video results in Search Console

Video is an important and growing medium used to consume information online. We want to make it easier for people to find useful and interesting videos on Google as easily as possible. Today we present two new tools to help you understand the performance of your videos in Search and identify opportunities to improve the marking of your videos.
Viewers can watch videos on Google Search today in three main ways: on the main search page; in the video search tab; and discover:

Google is adding two new reports in the Search Console that provide site owners with more information about video search results.

The reports are designed to help SEOs and site owners learn more about the performance of video content in search results, as well as identify ways to improve video tagging. The search console will now report the performance of the video content in each of these areas. Here is more information about new reports added. Like other Search Console reports, the Videos report shows errors and warnings about tags implemented on a website. It also shows pages that have video tagging without error.
In addition to identifying errors, the Videos report can be used to validate a correction when an error is resolved by resubmitting the relevant Google page. The Google Search Console extends its support for videos by showing their performance on the Search Top Results tab (type = Web) and in the discovery feed (using the new look “Videos “).
Previously, Search Console only reported performance of video content in the “Videos” tab. Content may appear with the appearance of the video if your page uses structured VideoObject data or if Google uses other signals to detect the presence of a video on the page.

Video Enhancement Report

Structured data can help search engines understand when videos appear on a page. They can therefore be displayed with rich visual processing, including accurate information about the duration, download date, and other metadata of a video. as well as glimpses. This helps users better understand what they will find in their video before clicking.
A new “Videos” report is now available in the Search Console for sites that use structured data to annotate videos. The report allows you to view errors and warnings for the markup implemented on your site. When you solve a problem, you can use the report to validate if it has been resolved by re-analyzing the affected pages. Learn more about rich income relationships.

Video Appearances in Performance Report

The Search Console Performance Report already includes an option to display the performance of search results for the video tag (type = video). We are happy to share our support for the videos, so we can have more information on the performance of your videos in the search results tags (type = web) and in Discover using the new look “Videos”. If you have a video on your page, you can use it ….

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