Atalanta (Reading Comprehension)

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Long ago and far away,There lived a princess named Atalanta.She was very beautiful.She was very strong.

Atalanta loved to run.She could run fast.She could run faster than the men!When men asked Atalanta to marry them,she said no.She liked to be free.She liked to hunt and spend time in the woods.

One day,Atalanta said that she would marry any man who could run faster than her.When the big race began,Atalanta took off.She flew like an arrow.She was winning the race.

One of the men in the race had a plan.He carried three apples made of gold.During the race,he threw the apples in Atalanta’s path.

Three times during the race,Atalanta stopped.She stopped to pick up a golden apple.The clever man ran past her.He won the race and became Atalanta’s husband.

Read the question.Fill in the bubble next to the correct answer.


(A). a husband

(B). a strong man

(C). a fast runner

(D). a man who hunts

2. Atalanta’s husband is very________________.

(A). angry

(B). clever

(C). funny

(D). sad

3. When does the passage take place?

(A). long ago

(B). last week

(C). yesterday

(D). one year ago

4. Atalanta loses the race because___________________________________.

(A). she has to run in the woods

(B). the men shoot fast arrows

(C). she wants the golden apples

(D). strong hunters stop her

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